Rotomolding and Foam Molding Design Center

Roto Plastics isn't just a foam molder or rotomolder, we are built-in consultants. We are committed to giving our customers the precise products they need. Whether you require a custom designed part, or want to convert a piece into plastic, our design center is equipped to create just what you want.

Our process is simple. We will meet with you, review your product needs, determine the best material for your product, and evaluate your molding options. If Roto Plastics isn't a good fit for your company or product, we'll be honest with you.

New Technologies

Our engineers work hard to create the most cost-effective design for your part by utilizing the latest technology. With our innovative 3D CAD software we optimize the moldability of your part, and continue to improve your part, even after production has begun. With advanced simulation software, we can pre-determine the processing parameters for your part, and identify potential problems before a mold is made.

Design Center / Mold Shop

Tooling Department

Our tooling department is built on dedication to quality assurance. Whether you need molded foam or a rotationally molded part, we provide high quality prototype tooling and final production tooling. This core competency allows our customers, and Roto Plastics, an advanced level of control over rotomolding and molded foam projects.

Design Center / Mold Shop Design Center / Mold Shop

An important factor in our joint success is Roto Plastics' Scheduled Maintenance Program, which prolongs the life of our customers' tooling. As part of our integrated systems approach to rotomolding and foam molding, we evaluate each tool before storing it for future use. You can be sure that Roto Plastics is dedicated to bringing you only the best in tooling development and customer satisfaction.

Contact us now to learn how our design and tooling capabilities can improve your molded foam or rotationally molded part.
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