Plastic Molded Parts Save You Money

The twenty first century is all about making things better, easier, more cost effective. To effectively compete, businesses require parts that are streamlined, innovative, and efficient, with an eye on the bottom line. At Roto Plastics, we understand how design, materials, and production affect your products, and your company. It's our mission to support your goals as a successful business in today's ambitious marketplace. How do we do that?

Benefits of Plastic Molded Parts

We create custom designed parts for you or convert existing parts, using plastic. Plastic is lightweight, inexpensive, and durable. Plastic molded parts are easy to use, save time in production and design, and have many advantages. Plastic molded parts resist corrosion, are much lighter, and cost less than similar metal parts. Plastic is versatile. A complex, expensive design can be simplified when converted to plastic. Overall, plastic can save you time and money in a lot of different ways. Custom design your product with plastic, or covert your out-dated piece to plastic and create savings for your company.

A History of Innovation in Plastic Molding

Roto Plastics began in 1973. Our mission was to help other companies succeed by producing cost effective, high quality plastic molded parts. We are committed to giving our customers what they need, no matter what. We are determined to give you the best quality and the best value of any nationwide rotational molding and foam molding company.

Over 25 years ago, Roto Plastics helped design innovative athletic padding, unlike anything on the market at that time. We are proud to help schools protect their athletes, all while making protective padding more affordable.

Today Roto Plastics has grown to 20 times its original size. We are a nationwide foam molding and rotational molding company, located in Michigan. Our technology is state-of-the art. The design center at Roto Plastics continues to be an innovator in design, technology, and creation of custom molded parts.

Rotational Molding Division

Rotomolding is a keystone of Roto Plastics. The Rotational Molding Division utilizes six molding machines. We can create plastic molded parts that weigh only a few grams to hundreds of pounds each. All rotational molding machines are computer-controlled, and are able to create molded parts with great accuracy.

Molded Foam Division

Foam product development is a point of pride at Roto Plastics. From our history of innovative design in padding, to our reputation as a premiere foam product developer today, Roto Plastics stands behind the quality of our Molded Foam Division.

Customer Involvement in Roto and Foam Molding

Since the beginning, Roto Plastics has designed and produced innovative plastic molded parts for you, our customer. To save you money and create efficient plastic molded parts, Roto Plastics values high quality and high value. We will continue to lead in design and production innovation, advance our rotational and compression foam molding capabilities, all to save you time and money.

What We Can Do For You

Let us do what we do best:

    • Design molded padding or rotationally molded parts
    • Design and build inexpensive, custom tooling
    • Source the right materials for your rotationally molded part or foam product
    • Track, test and double-check your parts throughout the manufacturing process
    • Deliver your product on time

We support your efforts with innovation into new materials and designs, and enhanced manufacturing processes. Roto Plastics delivers only the best value, high quality products.

Contact us now to begin taking advantage of Roto Plastics' commitment to innovation.

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