Bring us your ideas, a pre-made part, or a competitor's mold. We can create a customized molded part to your exact specifications, quickly and accurately.
    Decrease cost, increase ease of use by converting your metal piece into a plastic molded part.
    With 3D CAD software, and innovative machinery, our design team and engineers will take your product from a concept to a reality. We specialize in Plastisol Rotomolding and Compression Molded Foam.

    Nationwide Supplier of Plastic Molded Parts

    With over 38 years of success, Roto Plastics is proud to be your company for rotationally molded and foam molded parts. We are a nationwide molding center located in Michigan. Roto Plastics specializes in plastisol rotomolding and compression molded foam.

    Custom Design in Molded Parts

    Custom molded parts are what we do. At Roto Plastics, we can create a customized mold from a basic idea sketched out on a napkin to a pre-made mold or one of your competitors' molded products. Whatever you have to work with, and whatever molded part you require, we can take your idea from concept to reality.

    Convert to Plastic, Save Time & Money

    Roto Plastics excels in metal-to-plastic conversion. Converting a product from metal to plastic can greatly benefit your company, by creating a lighter weight, less expensive part. Design integrity will not be compromised when a piece is converted to plastic from stainless steel, aluminum, or any type of heavy, expensive metal. Structural strength is improved, as are aesthetics, and design.

    Innovation in Plastic Mold Design

    Our design team is top-of-the-line. We utilize only the best, most advanced 3D CAD software and machinery available, ensuring your plastic molded product is of the highest quality. Our tooling department is inventive, with cost-effective machinery making the manufacturing process efficient and smooth.

    Find Experience, Quality, Value at Roto Plastics

    Roto Plastics has a solid reputation, built on over three decades of experience, knowledge, and innovative design in plastic roto molded and foam molded parts. Since 1973, our customers have depended on Roto Plastics for the best value, high quality plastic molded parts.

    Our plastisol rotomolding specialties include:

    • PVC bladders
    • Inflatable PVC components
    • Inflatable helmet interiors
    • Therapeutic aids
    • Seating components
    • Medical devices (anesthetic masks, inflatable seals).
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    Our compression molded foam specialties include:

    • Orthotics
    • Specialized medical padding
    • Athletic body padding
    • Helmet interiors
    • Shoe insoles
    Made in USA